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influencer management


Get paid for more brand collaborations by working with an Agent!

+ Monthly Management Services with a monthly goal brand collaborations.

+ Monthly push for brand collabs desired by wish list.

+ Monthly updates on Media kit








“When making a giveaway or engagement pro service purchase on the site, I always feel safe and know I will not be scammed nor will the results be smaller than promised. The new followers from these giveaways are all real people who stay because they actually enjoy your content, but just needed help finding your page and that is what Babefluence does! With the new algorithm causing many problems for creators, Babefluence has helped me keep my US audience strong.”

"I found this service incredibly valuable to increase my personal brand awareness! This year I have been trying to grow my personal brand as a TV Host/Style Expert, and this paved the way for countless new connections in the fashion/pr arenas!”

“I loved my experience SO MUCH. THEY gave me valuable insights into the blogging/ influencing realm, helped me double my following, and generally know my worth when it comes to working with brands. THEY gave me the confidence to ask for much more money than I had been before and brands actually paid me that amount once I asked for it! my business IS CHANGED for the better.”

“I think this is something that every fashion influencer should consider purchasing! The guide saves you a lot of time and it’s very well made.”


“Near impossible to grow your Instagram account these days. This is the perfect thing to help with that!”

“The giveaway was seamless, and I was impressed with the number of followers I gained. I really enjoy these giveaways because the sponsors have demographics that are similar to mine, but a larger scale so I know I'm gaining quality followers that will stay and engage.”

“Great giveaway. Followers received were legit and not bots!”

“Provided me with solid, real followers who were interested in my niche and did not leave after the giveaway was over. Very safe purchase and quality customer service.”

“The process was extremely easy and more than met our expectations. We were a little unsure of the process, but all of my questions were answered quickly and efficiently, putting me at ease.”

“Love the giveaway service, use it often! And also recommend it to influencers and brands.”

“I really appreciated the customer service and how the issue that I had with the giveaway which was my first with you guys, how it was professionally handled.”


“While using this service, I saw a huge leap in my impressions and a little jump in my likes as well. I love that it's a non-spammy way to increase your following and build your brand.”

“I immediately noticed improvement in the engagement on my website. I have also seen the needle move on my Instagram page. I’m still in the middle of my service, and I think it will tick up even more. It’s ok because I expected a slow ramp up for IG and the engagement I have seen is organic and REAL - no bots or people outside of my demographic.”

“My goal is to be able to create beautiful content without having to stress over whether or not it will be seen. I recently started using Engagement Pro and the page views on my blog have quadrupled and I've noticed my reach has increased on Instagram.”

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