300.00 every 2 months 400.00 every 2 months

rate is $200 per month / with payments being $400 automatically charged every 2 months

Engagement is the most important way to grow your brand, even more than you follower count! High following with low engagement makes it much harder to work with brands and get ahead of the algorithms. This service will provide increased traffic and engagement on your Instagram and Blog / Website.

Much like the Instagram algorithm, search engine ranking will increase when there is more traffic and engagement. It’s a real catch-22… you need engagement to get engagement. We use a series of techniques to drive traffic to your profile and website. The goal is to get algorithms to show your content more often on the explore page, show it to more of your audience and / or move your website further up on search engines.

  • 30 Day Program (4 weeks)

  • SEO techniques will be used to drive traffic to your Insta and website (same cost with our without active website)

  • You will be given tracking links to follow the progress

  • This technique requires you to be active on your Instagram profile, posting at least once per day or not going more than two days without posting.

  • This technique DOES NOT guarantee engagement to your profile so there will be no liking, commenting, bot activity to produce fake engagement. Our technique tricks the algorithms into rewarding your profile, which should increase your engagement if you are posting quality content often, following Instagram algorithm rules (view more HERE), utilizing hashtags properly etc.

  • You will be given pointers if we feel you should make any changes to help the process along.


    • 5k+ more website views

    • 3-5k+ Instagram profile views / visits

    • Engagement increase (likes + comments + saves)

    • Increased following can’t be guaranteed while trying to achieve authentic engagement, but it helps attract more people to your profile which can help you grow your following.

IMPORTANT: there are a variety of factors that go into gaining a quality following. Creating quality content is the only real way to organically create engagement. Even with our efforts, if the quality content is not present, our efforts won’t be successful. We’ll request a few pieces of tracking information to verify the work is being done on our end with measurable data. This will allow both parties to identify where the focus needs to be. We will NEVER ask for your username and password for any accounts but you will be required to provide requested screen shots to verify engagement in addition to signing up on zine.coand connecting your website analytics so we can track your web progress. Once your purchase is made, you will receive an email requesting your most recent post stats & web views so we can log an accurate start. From there, your plan will start the Monday after the requested information has been received. Your 4 week plan will begin on that Monday. Your progress will be monitored internally and you will not be contacted further unless there is additional information needed. It is up to you to watch your stats and pay attention to your web views, Instagram impressions & engagements. If there is a problem you can reply to babes@babefluence.com.